ACS student chapters are organizations for undergraduate students with an interest in the chemical sciences. Members participate in a wide range of programs and activities that enhance their college experience and prepare them for successful careers. UMP ACS student chapter is officially registered on July 2021. The adviser of the UMP ACS student is Dr Mohd Fadhlizil Fasihi Mohd Aluwi, who is assisted by co-advisor Madam Nurul Nadiah Hamidon from the Faculty of Industrial Sciences and Technology (FIST).



The first supreme council of the chapter was as follow;

  1. Mr Muhamad Zubbair Ammar Khairul Anuar (president), BSK alumni 2021
  2. Miss Sevitha Sandaran Muthy (Vice President), BSK alumni 2021
  3. Miss Yap Xi Ming (Secretary), 4th year
  4. Mr Khai Jiet Liong (treasurer), 4th year
  5. Miss Farah Izzati Asrin (BSK alumni 2021)
  6. Miss Ang Pei Ying (2nd year)
  7. Mr Ang Yon Jie (2nd year)
  8. Miss Law Ann Gie (1st year)
  9. Miss Lai Yun Han (1st year)
  10. Mr Teoh Chun Keat (1st year)
  11. Miss Premiy a/p Ramasamy (1st year)
  12. Miss Tan Su-En (1st year)
  13. Miss Heidi Tan Hui Yi (1st year)


UMP ACS student chapter will organize Southeast Asia-Global Innovation Challenge (SEA-GIC), tentatively on November 2022. SEA-GIC 2022's theme, “Combating Pseudoscience with Chemistry” aims to foster innovative thinking among undergraduate students from Southeast Asia (SEA) regions in order to address a pervasive pseudoscience problem in society.
In addition, UMP ACS student chapter will organize Logo Design Contest for UMP ACS student chapter. The application link will be provided soon.